Bali Belig :
Creative Package “Bali Belig” Balinese Mud Yoga

Om Swastiastu

BALI BELIG, starting time: 10:00 – 12:30 or 16:00 – 18:30 Wita

– Belig, Welcome Drinks Holly Water Goddess of the Rice ( Air Titisan )

– Belig, Tridatu Sarong (tridatu means 3 coloured sarongs. Red, Black and White) All participants will wear this.

– Respect Dewi Sri before activity starts (Goddess of the Rice)

– Belig, Warming up under the coconut trees and ricefields next to a river, Yoga and Kecak Body Painting Dance.

– Belig, Yoga in the mud using out friendly animals, harmony with bebek (duck) and Kuda (horse).

– Belig, “Ceretan” Balinese clay made jug for drinking and collaborating it by doing yoga.

– Belig, To the river cleaning all mud and “lulur” Balinese body scrub with turmeric and Saffrod-Coloured Rice.

Message in the river and hot water bath with flowers and spices.

– Belig, Shower time surrounded by Dried Banana Leaves like the real Balinese Village showers. Shampoo and Soap all provided here.

– Lunch or Dinner. Menu Balinese Mud Rice (Nasi Lumpur) Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian.

Organic, no MSG with Balinese Plates made from Banana Leaves and Bamboo Cups ( No Ceramics or Plastic).

Balinese Fruits and Jamu plus Gede Witsen Ethnic Music.

– Belig, Necklaces as souvenirs before you go and special bamboo cups symbols that you’ve join this activity.

Starts 19:00 – 21:30 ( Balinese Mud Yoga Program once a month on Full Moon from the Balinese Calender.) plus Fire Dance under the Full Moon and Walking on fire yoga interacting with the audiences (optional).

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Putu Witsen




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