With a scenario/program: Welcome dance “KATOS “, using a sarong and a head band typical from the prince Panah Bali called udeng, a medicine drink that makes you strong “LOLOH KUNYIT”, an organic potion supplement drink. Start from basics techniques of Panah Bali along with some warming up while playing some Balinese tradition games like Bamboo Djoget, Bamboo Buduh, Bambo Kecos, Bamboo kecak and many more. The basic bow using an arrow we call “Katik” and it has like a meat ball shape at the point of the arrow making it safe for the arrow or “Katik”, when it creates contact with the human body. To protect ourselves, we must wear “topeng” which is a mask and safe glasses, and body painting (safe traditional body painting).

All this fun arts Bali Mud Archery action is safe and full of enjoyment (for all age except for kids under five years old.) For the target, we use LELAKUT which is a scarecrow made from natural materials like banana trunk, rice grass and many more natural materials. We will use that as a target to aim, practicing our focusing skills. Action SNIPER ARCHERY with “METEKAP” (a Balinese word) is a cow plow in the rice field which the archer will be ridding it in the rice field mud while shooting at the scarecrow, and action horse riding, throwing a spear while riding the horse and shooting arrows at a scarecrow target. It is very safe and fun.

Action Reaction BALI MUD ARCHERY closes with taking a clean shower plus a special meal “Nasi Lumpur” (Mud Rice) and a drink of friendly coffee which is “KOPI LUMPUR”, a fresh coffee powder that has been marinated in the mud for nine hours inside a bamboo than burns with fire wood. Drinking it with a bamboo glass, lemongrass stick and cinnamon powder plus Mud Coffee body painting.

Hope this WOW creation, exciting culture will create a positive impact and happiness for the ones experience this unique creation.

Bali Mud Archery

“Stay Focus with Harmony of Nature”


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