MEPANTIGAN Kids & Adults

Mepantigan Kids and Adults:
Package Creative Mepantigan

Om Swastiastu

Balinese Mud Classic and Authentic Program “Mepantigan” Include welcome drink holly water goddess of the rice,

bamboo cups plus Balinese Fried Bananas with Banana Leaf Plates.

Participants will use Tridatu Sarongs

( 3 coloured sarong Red, Black and White) and Respect to Ida Bhatari Shri (Goddess of the Rice).

Activity under the Coconut Trees, Introduction and warming up exercise before going to the mud.

Spirit of Mepantigan, body painting, strength and balance with horse and kiss a duck.

Mud-pit; Wow… Mepantigan! Exciting holly mud mystery, mud classic games such as frog catching,

duck love and mud horse. “Ceretan” drinking with Balinese made clay jugs, eel catching in the rice field etc.

River Paddy, Wash all mud off in the river, Belig yoga massage together in the river.

Pancoran, Shower in Balinese showers covered in Banana Leaves. Feel like a real Balinese.

Megibung, Nasi Lumpur.. Organic Mud Rice with classic Ayu’s food. Gede Witsen Ethnic Music plus Necklaces for souvenirs.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Putu Witsen


MEPANTIGAN & Odyssey Institute Bali

Mepantigan Kids & Adults









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